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Finally- American Football Live in London

National Football League (NFL) will once again be hosting their games on Sundays in October 2018: starting with the 14th, 21st, and 28th of the month.

In October, we can see Seattle Seahawks versus Oakland Raiders at White Hart Lane. The 21st October, Tennessee Titans versus Los Angeles Chargers at Wembley Stadium and the next Sunday, the 28th October, we will participate to a great match: Philadelphia Eagles versus Jacksonville Jaguars! The tickets are available for the first match, Seattle Seahawks versus Oakland Raiders starting August 28th. For Tennessee Titans against Los Angeles Chargers the tickets are already sold out for General Admission. It seems that there a few available tickets for Hospitality area. The third match, Philadelphia Eagles versus Jacksonville Jaguars, all tickets are already sold out but some agencies do sell resold tickets. For the fortunate sportsmen, who have already their tickets, motorsports organizations plan special tours to participate in these stupendous matches. The NFL even added some funds to have their own building in White Hart Lane. Here the pitch is retractable, allowing an NFL playing surface and professionally build facilities for teams, staff, and cheerleaders.

nfl-motorcycle-helmetAn open call to all riders to join in

There’s no mistake that sportsmen across the UK enjoying participating in all different sports activities which no is embracing the NFL games through Motorcycle tours, to create an extraordinary experience. I suppose that it is one of the most exciting tours that men can have but it’s not limited to just the guys as biker chicks are encouraged to join in too. The tour's organizers plan to go through traffic free roads, magnificent coastlines and near-green fields. The tours start from Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland to give the chance to attend the upcoming NFL games. The sceneries are well prepared to offer beautiful views. Participants can choose accommodation in London, with all the necessary facilities to have a comfortable stay during the NFL games.

Motorcycle tours are offering chances to people from all over the UK to be part of their trips. The organizers also provide accommodation for the periods between NFL games, optionally. The Motorcycle tours to participate the NFL games in London made with friends are more fun; they will share their impressions, feelings, enjoy the track adventure. The enthusiast will never miss a motor tour to see NFL games for their two hobbies: biking tours and NFL games. The motorcycle tours propose some other new attraction, such as stadium tours, greet events with sports celebrities and high-class accommodations. The trips include all-inclusive packages, to make the attending period fun and stress-free. The bikers group can enjoy the beautiful London sites, before going to Wembley Stadium to watch American football. We know that the famous stadium is well-known for the soccer (European football) games, but NFL games are making the stadium more popular, if it is possible.

Can you get a piece of the action?

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